Do you have trouble saying no?

In order to have work-life balance it is essential to state your limits in work and relationships so you don’t burn out. Being unable to say no can push you to stress, resentment, overwhelm, irritability, and frustration.

Helping others is courteous but not when you walk away feeling resentful and without choice. When you are discounting your own needs and wants as unimportant you are being discourteous to yourself. If your yes has a no behind it, the dishonesty results in a disconnection in relationships.

Are you being a doormat and not picking yourself up off the floor? Valuing others needs above your own results in low self-esteem and self-disrespect.

Do you fear saying no because you might not be liked? You can’t always take care of yourself and be liked at the same time. Building self worth from within by valuing you and your needs makes you less susceptible to others approval of you.

The choice is yours, and the rewards are great if you are willing to take the risk and build the muscle of saying no. Giving yourself the option to say no is empowering. You feel a sense of control. Friends and colleagues can see your integrity and see that your no comes from self respect and not rejection of them. Your no’s and your yes’s can be taken seriously.

Other peoples feeling, needs and wants should always be considered when saying no. Looking for a win- win solutions allows you to keep relationships, build trust, connection and set limits.

If your work-life balance is being affected by your inability to say no effectively then contact me for solutions. 15 minute consultations on how to say no, are free if you mention this article by 30th August.

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“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.”