Values Elicitation Exercise

Goals give you direction and your values determine how you want travel on the journey of life to  reach your goals. If you value beauty  – you will take the scenic route in life. If you value adventure – you may choose a 4WD and take the road less traveled  If you value efficiency – you may journey by plane working with your laptop while you travel.  Everybody has their own values and values can change. It is helpful to ascertain your values every three months.

Here is the Values Elicitation Exercise

  • Write down 20 of your values. (The things which are important to you eg. balance, friendship, health).
  • Number the values from 1 to 10, based on the results you are currently getting in your life. Number 1 being the value that you are getting the best results with.
  • Write down what you have learnt about yourself from the exercise so far.
    Based on the results you want to be achieving in your life, what would be your top 10 values? (This may mean re-numbering the old values or creating new ones).
  • Practice the new list, live congruently with the new list, making choices from the new list!